Ultra Festival Introduce 15 Minute Set Limits To “Fit As Much EDM In As Possible”

Ultra Music Festival announced today that it will reduce its time slots to 15 minutes per DJ for this years event scheduled to take place on March 28, 29, and 30 in Miami. Ultra is returning to its original one weekend format after the City of Miami threatened to deny the permits for the second weekend when the festival expanded last year, citing the festival as a nuisance. In recent years Ultra has slated DJs for one hour slots over the three day long event.

Wunderground caught up to Damion Pinto, the official host and “the voice”  of Ultra Music Festival, most known for obnoxiously yelling the UMF slogan, “Can you feel it!”  and he explained the reasoning behind the change. “With ticket prices now well north of $500, we feel as if we’d be cheating our fans if we didn’t ram pack as many formulaic, cookie-cutter artists as humanly possibly into the weekend,” Damian told us. “Furthermore, the average attention span of an Ultra attendee is around that of a Goldfish and thus we feel this format best suits the event.

When Wunderground brought up the opinion that some DJs excel in a longer set format, slowly building up the mood while creating suspense and playing on the feelings of the crowd as they work through their record collection, Damion addressed the matter up front, “To be honest anyone with any interest in the music has actually avoided Ultra entirely for the last five years” he explained. “to most of the attendees, taking Instagram photos “no filter” and flexing at scantily clad girls are far more important aspects of the experience.”

Damion went on to further elaborate on the additional benefits the change in format will bring the festival. “In 2014, Ultra-goers will have more a chance than ever to brag on social media about the amount of DJ Mag Top 100 DJs they saw over the course of a weekend,” he enthusiastically told us. “When, if ever, has a young lad had the chance to brag to his mates on Facebook that he saw Skrillex, Afrojack, Deadmau5, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Dvbbs and Borgeus, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Nicky Romero,Tiesto and all three members of The Swedish House Mafia individually in the same afternoon?! Thats really what this cultural movement is all about is it not?” Pinto concluded,  “Spending a metric fuckton of money to be able to boast about watching pseudo-celebrities pretend to fiddle with CD players.”

Wunderground  also spoke with Alex Hornsby, a 17 year old raver excited to be attending UMF for the first time and asked him his thoughts on scheduled shorter set times. “I’m delighted!” Alex exclaimed. “One hour seems like an awful long time to hear one DJ, doesn’t it? Would get a bit boring. Plus this way I reckon I’ll have the chance to hear Martin Garrix’s Animals more than I imagined when my mum bought my ticket for me.”

Porter Robinson, an American DJ known for his breakneck style of mixing, has requested Ultra schedule him for a 5 minute time slot explaining that his style of DJing makes it difficult to perform long sets and that he is confident he will still manage to play more tracks than most other DJs in that amount of time.

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