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The Essential Guide To Suncebeat 4

The Essential Guide To Suncebeat 4

Welcome to our Essential Guide To Suncebeat 4! With a matter of only weeks before the first needle is dropped we decided to delve deep and take a closer look at the Croatian event which is winging our way on the the 24th of July. Suncebeat is by far one of our favorite events and so it only makes sense to put together this guide to show anybody that hasn’t been just what it is they are missing and just what it is we are always banging on about in our various publications. Those of you that have been before or are attending the upcoming event in two weeks time know exactly what they are in for. A right treat!

So turn your phone off, log out of your Facebook and lock your other half in the bathroom. For the next hour you should be doing nothing else other than reading up on the artists, checking out the timetables and booking your flights. The journey starts soon, you weren’t thinking of missing it were you?


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