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Young Hardwell Fan Disappointed Not To Know Any DJs On The Resident Advisor Top 100 Poll

Young Hardwell Fan Disappointed Not To Know Any DJs On The Resident Advisor Top 100 Poll

A disgruntled Hardwell fan has today expressed her disappointment with the Resident Advisor Top DJs of 2014 poll, after claiming that she does not know a single DJ who made the list.

Stacy Jackson (22), claimed that, despite her in depth knowledge of EDM, she ‘hadn’t a clue who any of those guys were’ and that she would never pay money to go to a show where the ‘music and mixing skills of the DJ were more important than props and gimmicks’.

Miss Jackson, spoke of her disillusionment, “This so-called list is a complete joke. There are literally no DJs that I know of on there and I’ve been going to EDM events ever since it became popular back in 2009 so I think I should know who is who by now,” she explained. “I’ve seen it all when it comes to EDM, I’ve been to Electric Zoo, Electric Daisy Carnival and Escape From Wonderland. I’ve even had Armin van Buuren sign my tits and gotten Steve Aoki’s cream in my hair on more than one occasion,” she continued.

“But one thing I’ve never seen is a nobody like Sasha or Ben Klock headlining an awesome festival. I mean who the hell are these guys?” she dismissively asked. “Some of them look really old too and aren’t even slightly hot. This whole list is a bit of an insult to my intelligence if I’m being completely honest,” she added.

“Everyone knows that Hardwell is the world’s number one DJ. Before today I always thought that Dixon was a county in Nebraska,” she continued, “And now you’re telling me that HE is the world’s number one DJ. I don’t think so! How can you be at the top of the list when you’ve never even made a track with Rihanna or Beyonce? The whole thing just doesn’t make sense,” continued the clearly confused young woman.

“I’ve spent all day looking up videos of these guys on Youtube. I can’t even tell if half of them are DJs or plumbers because all I keep finding are videos of boiler rooms, if I wanted to look at boiler room I’d go hang out in my attic,” she added. “When I did find some real videos of these guys they were so boring. There were no cakes, the DJs hardly ever put their hands in the air and the bass only dropped once or twice per track,” she continued disgustedly.

“The people at Resident Advisor really need to ask themselves is EDM about skilled DJs playing good music or is it about generically marketable douche bags playing mediocre music while using cheap gimmicks to distract an uneducated but extremely commercially profitable crowd,” she concluded.

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  • lady your an idiot .. sasha has been a dj before hard well. becuase hardwell gets on the scene for four years n makes a genre, he’s the best dj. even those polls are stupid. for real hgouse fanatics. that listen to real house. you’ll see edm is not a fuckin genre of music. it a way to call house music. hardwell, axwell, avicii are all progressive house or something progressive. so before u rant on here like u know shit. a dont listen to shitty djs like hardwell cuz you sayin hardwell is number one despite a poll, should make carl cox, tiesto, van burin all mad. well id be mad to if i was tiesto and i was getting compared to a guy like hard well. a tiesto concert is 100 bucks n sold out. a hardwell concert is 30 bucks and inside guvernment. some worlds greatest dj.

  • WOW , i cant believe what i am reading , the band wagon jumpers , ive been in clubs 15 year ,been djing for the best part of 10 , go to alot of underground festivals and travel around the world to get a chance to see some on that very list , Top Notch Quality Djs , who master there music , reinvent and take you on a musical journey with added skill and ability . Ben Klock is a genius as well , dont be ignorant to the taste of music someone else likes .

    To come out and say in public form is just the lack of Musical education and only knowledge of the Press Play Djs , going out playing a beatport top 20 EDM tracks , what happened to Digging Deep into a crate or spending the weekend in a record shop or online looking for that track that no one plays , distinguish yourself , be different and be happy with the music you play . Dont play track because the next dj plays them .
    DJ / Listener / Mixer / Supporter /Fan / Love Multi genre Music

  • I don’t care if this is satire or not. I get to post this on my wall and direct it to people who I know think EXACTLY like this. I get to point a finger and snicker. Thank you, whoever wrote this. 😛

  • “I’ve been going to EDM events ever since it became popular back in 2009 so I think I should know who is who by now” lmfao!! i mean, come on, thits has to be a joke! but if it really is real, all i can say is that i cant wait for the next thing that will eventually replace “EDM” so all these fuckers can go somewhere else and proper people can do partys again!

  • Thanks for joining the EDM club in 2009! Now for your frist lesson. It started in the late 70’s, not after the turn of the century. I was partying in the 90’s before you were 10, and there was a whole generation that pioneered the movement before me. History makes you smarter young one, study up.

  • “How can you be at the top of the list when you’ve never even made a track with Rihanna or Beyonce? The whole thing just doesn’t make sense”

    Btch plzz… We’re talking about DJ’ing not producing. What does producing have to do with the list for best DJ? You make no sense at all! Though you had such a great EDM knowledge. Yet you do not know the difference between DJ’ing (playing and mixing music) and producing (creating new music).

  • Idiot Fool stupid cunt…how dare you talk like this about Sasha?? you probably were not even born when he was already rocked the main dancefloors and festivals around the planet,and gave so much to the industry…and still does:…and also if you would have just a little clue about EDM you should know that RA list is only based on UNDERGROUND DJs you retard not any cheap shit commercial music…thank god there is not even one name like that on the list for Cheesy djs there is the mixmag top 100…anyway i hope all this genre and their artist will die soon:”djs and artist” as David Guetta,Hardwell,Swedish House Maffia Steve Aoki and crap like this,…..get lost you idiot tiny…UNDERGROUND FOREVER…

  • Oh, I so hope this is a joke. Then again, some of the stuff i read on forums from young ones, makes me think this is not really a joke. I hope i didn’t think like that when i was 15 and just getting in the scene. lol

  • I get that this is satirical but don’t really get what’s so funny about it. It’s not like it’s an unbelievable story, I’m sure many college girls would have the same reaction. You should have written something like “College girl assaults her RA because Hardwell was not on the resident advisor top 100 DJs list….”
    That would be way more interesting

  • OK guys, most of these Wunderground articles are fake and fictitious derived by real life scenarios say if you were to ask a 19 yr old girl from Orange County on Who Dixon is. Don’t take these articles so serious, it’s meant to give us a good chuckle especially those who are IN with the industry. Cheers!

  • Go Hardwell or go masturbate.
    Can’t wait to watch the live feed of him mixing his way to the top of Mount Everest.
    BTW, I never knew Sasha was a guy until just nows

  • Go Girl!
    You’ve already GOT a super inflated sense of self-worth, AND an appreciation for back-room suck-off escapades. All you need now is to move to London, and develop a healthy Cocaine addiction and by next year YOU’LL BE WRITING THE RA TOP 100!!!

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